One on One Consultations

This is the most accurate and personalized program you can get! You will be matched with one of our qualified fitness professionals who will personally guide you to your fitness goals. Together you will establish goals that are safe, attainable, challenging and specific to your wants and needs.

Your consultant will meet with you on a weekly basis to go over your past weeks successes and challenges. He/she will go over your measurements and body fat percentages and establish your next week's goals. With all this information he/she will progress your program and educate you about the science of fat loss and muscle gain.

Your body doesn't take a day off and neither should we! If you have a question or concern, call, text or e-mail your consultant. Scale not moving? Call your consultant! Need a food change? Call your consultant! Get results specific to you and your body. You are an individual. You deserve to be treated that way. When you are treated that way you will get results specific to you and your body. Get the results you deserve!

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