The Five Fundamentals

1 – Food Intake

Proper Nutrition is the most important ingredient when it comes to changing body composition. Meals should be balanced with proteins and carbohydrates, and provide the desired calories to burn fat and build or maintain lean body mass. Meals should also be consumed with proper timing, typically every 2 to 3 hours, to supply energy, prevent muscle loss, hunger, overeating, and uneven blood sugar levels – all of which lead to the storing of fat. The glycemic value and glycemic load of food sources and meals should also be monitored for the same reasons

2 – Cardiorespiratory Training

Cardio training is also a major factor in how successful one can expect to be at losing weight and keeping it off. It is a useful tool at burning calories to increase the deficit needed. Cardio training is explained, for the purposes of Mimi’s Nutrition & Fitness Program, as any cardiovascular activity that is rhythmical in nature, involving major muscle groups (i.e. your legs) and can be sustained a continuous period of time. For example jogging, walking, elliptical trainers, bikes, jump rope, stair climbing etc. are all forms of cardiovascular activity. The goal for maximum fat loss is to perform cardio training a minimum of 3 times a week. Your consultant will provide you with information on the frequency, intensity, time, and type. It is important to use cardio methods that are challenging and that your body is not accustomed to.

3 – Food Supplementation

Supplements can also be a useful tool to speed the rate of fat loss or muscle gain. It is also important to make sure that the body is in proper nutrient balance, and supplements are a way to do that without adding additional calories. These nutrients are needed for general health, but especially in times of intense training or a calorie restricted diet. Your consultant will guide you in making the proper supplements a part of your program at the right times for maximum results.

4 – Resistance Training

Resistance training is one of the most effective ways of accelerating fat loss, and of course building lean body mass. It is a common misconception that weight training should be reserved only for those looking to build muscle or increase strength. Mimi’s Nutrition & Fitness Program will teach you that resistance training causes a rise in resting metabolism which means that by incorporating this type of exercise you will burn more calories, even when you are not exercising! You will be given guidelines on which exercises to perform and at what intensity. Your consultant will also perform exercise demonstrations for you. Through the interactive web site, you will have access to your personal workout history with pictures and descriptions of each exercise. You will learn proper form and the importance of challenging yourself.

5 – Professional Assistance

Throughout your journey through Mimi’s Nutrition & Fitness Program your body will constantly be changing and adapting. It is important that, as this happens, your approach also changes and adapts. We also believe in the importance of testing body composition on a weekly basis to guarantee that you are losing only fat, and that your results are at the most rapid rate possible. Additionally, we have found that much of the success of Mimi’s Nutrition & Fitness program can be attributed to the incredible accountability one feels while working with a consultant on a weekly basis.

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